Pearl of Ureki is a modern 12-storey multifunctional building on a treatment resort, Ureki warm beach. It's already comleted and ready for your living.

Pearl of Ureki  has:

  • Renovated apartments with sea and mountains views;
  • Modern hall;
  • Launch and hookah bar;

Pearl of Ureki isn’t just apartments, it’s an investments. You can live in your own apartment as much time, as you want. And also you can rent out it for free period.

Ureki is considered as one of the most important rehabilitation resorts on the seaside. It has magnetic sand beach, which is rich of quartz, magnetite, zircon and other natural minerals.

Ureki beach hasn’t aiternative replacement in the world.

The warm climate of the Black Sea and pine woods increases the therapeutic qualities of this place. Their combination is indispensable to the environment, which is ideal for people of all age.

The complex is located:

  • 5 minutes drive from railway station;
  • 800 meters from a bus stop and entertainment park;
  • 15 minutes drive from the amusement park “Tsitsinatels”;
  • 40 minutes drive from Batumi Airport;
  • 1:30 hour drive from Kutaisi Airport.

Our partners

1 Shevchenko st., Office 9, Tbilisi, Georgia
(+995)591 44 54 54 Anastasiia
(+995)595 80 82 82 Maia