The captain of the Georgian National Team was close.

The recent rally in the Western Conference of Zaza tied him with Kobe Bryant, as they received the most votes after the final ballot and Zaza took the fourth place from the internet survey.

George Mchedlishvili (Royal Group, Director): "Our company always supports exciting projects. In this case, our PR advisor Zura Talakvadze suggested the idea that was not only interesting in terms of marketing. Support the most famous, successful Georgian athlete. We are Zaza's big fans. Dirk Nowitzki was the reason I supported "Dallas" and I was very pleased that Zaza signed with this team. Royal Group supports the sport, the athletes and I would like to wish Zaza more success. Georgia is proud of Zaza Pachulia. The campaign was successful. "

Reminder: December 20, 2015, Royal Group launched a campaign - Vote for Zaza!

During Royal Group's campaign, we set up a web page to facilitate voting for Zaza Pachulia ( In one month the page got visits from 67 458 users.

Official Facebook page was created, which was constantly being updated with information and instructions on how to support Zaza Pachulia. We had 3,176 subscribers and hundreds of thousands viewers.

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