Royal Group summed up two months of hard work, which began in early December (20/12/2015).

Development company, held a project “Vote for Zaza” (VoteforZaza), which helped our beloved national team captain to collect the maximum number of votes in the NBA All Star Game poll. The result has been wonderful - the Georgian National Team’s captain finished fourth in the poll and almost made it into the starting lineup. This is a great success.

The project included very important visits to Gori, Kutaisi, Rustavi, as well as at the Krtsanisi military base. There was held meetings and promo activities throughout Tbilisi. Finally, the company has summed up its work in support of Zaza Pachulia and invited lots of interesting guests.

George Mchedlishvili (Royal Group, Director):" Unfortunately, Zaza Pachulia finished only in fourth place, but the final result is still astonishing. We have held activity not only to help Zaza, but to cover the whole country as well. Zaza Pachulia is the most successful Georgian athlete and I know, that's a lot more is still to come."

Kakhi Kakhiashvili (a three-time Olympic champion, President of the National Weightlifting Federation): "This project was needed. This action united Georgia. Our love, our strength, our unity, all in all we have done a good job. I would love to thank the initiators of this action.”

Irakli Medzmariashvili (founder of Society “Tbiliseli”): "Zaza is an unusual man, who deserved this love and passion. We’ve united as one and Royal Group deserves all the compliments and respect in the world. Thank you, Royal Group. You were absolutely fantastic."

Shio Khetsuriani (Chairman at Public Service Development Agency and Veteran basketball player):" It was a very good and successful project. All the good have come together, and it was pleasant. Zaza is proud that Georgia voted for him. I would love to thank the organizers of this project."

Jamlet Khukhashvili (Sports commentator): "Of course, it was a great success. Never mind, that we cannot get the third place for Zaza. So what if you missed a bit? Zaza Pachulia received a lot of attention and love from the whole nation, which is the most important, I think. I especially want to thank my junior colleague and close friend, Zura Talakvadze, one of the main organizers of this action."

George Asanidze (Olympic champion, Georgian National weightlifting team head coach):" Zaza has got everything he deserved. For the hard work, his effort, he was the one who deserved this attention and love. Zaza is my close friend and I would like to see more from him in the near future. I wish him success and good luck."

Mikheil Amashukeli (founder of Georgian Amateur Basketball League):" We were united as one and I am proud, that Zaza received so much love from Georgians. Too bad, he just missed to become an All Star Starter, but I’m sure, he will be more determined for the rest of the season. Royal Group is an example for all the companies, how to be professional and patriotic."

Mikheil Zhorzholiani (Sports journalist): "Zaza is my, yours, Georgia’s favorite athlete and he continues to thrive in NBA. Royal Group, it is nice to meet you. My vote goes to Pachulia and Royal Group."

Lasha Talakhadze (world champion 2015 in Weightlifting): "For the athlete, respect is very important. This means that your hard work pays off, that you are not alone, that you really achieved a lot. Zaza is a great athlete. Royal Group is a group of patriots that united the whole Georgia."

Royal Group completes one cycle, and the rest will follow.

We were united by this one idea, by this great athlete, who deserves more and will get more.

This is just a beginning.

We support Georgian athletes!

We support Zaza Pachulia!

And we would like to thank everyone, who participated in this great project. More to come, our dear friends.

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