Royal Group Presents – Guramishvili Residence!

Guramishvili Residence is a 14-storey, modern, sophisticated design, multifunctional building on David Guramishvili Avenue. The project covers 2200 sq. meters

Sales available in the case of buy-out.

Royal Group provides with interest free installment and special conditions by KSB Bank

Today, when a clean environment is luxury for majority, Royal Group is trying to break stereotypes and make the best offer available for you. Before starting the project, our team carefully selects the best location of the building for your comfort. We take into consideration the environmental factors: location, landscape, infrastructure, proximity to the recreation area, public transport access to the aesthetic side. We try to turn our project into the house that you will adore.

Construction is insured by the insurance company GPI Holding, while the risk is taken by KSB BANK by already existing provisions.

We use only energy-efficient blocks, light and sound proofed windows with dual-use construction. This means a 23% less bills on utility coasts.

We consider exterior of the building on the highest priority of the company that is why. Our goal is to break existing stereotypes and give Tbilisi look of the contemporary architectural city.

Guramishvili Residence has its own advantages:

  1. 1.The unique location - quiet neighborhood, close to the recreational zone. Bilateral road access.

2. Comfort and security - 24-hour video-control, security, cleaning of common area, comfortable, modern elevators and green yard.

3. International standard fire protection system (alarm) - fire detectors on each floor, every apartment is filled with fireproof entrance.

4. The Green space - the perennial plants in the courtyard of the complex.

5. Panoramic view - the French glass balconies.

6. 23% high efficient use of energy - external wall insulation, double glazing windows, energy-efficient lighting.

Costumers have a complete freedom to choose the design of the apartment. The apartments will be renovated and filled with the heating systems of leading European brand, before letting consumers in. The complex will be completed in December of 2017.



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