Another surprise from Royal Group: Pearl of Ureki

Apartment on a unique resort has never been so affordable!

"Pearl of Ureki" is a completed 12-storey multifunctional building on a distinctive treatment resort, Ureki warm beach.

„Pearl of Ureki” being the highest building in the area is situated on the street of Ekvtime Takaishvili. The complex consists of 12 floors. Flats are generally repaired. Apartments from 2nd to 6th floor were sold in the summer of 2015 (50 inhabitants). Between complex and seashore there is a 100 meter pine boscage.

With the usage of modern technologies and high-quality materials, the building has a full thermal and sound insulation.

The residential complex has:

• Landscaped green yard

• Private parking and a car wash for 30 cars.

• Water supply and central sewage system.

• Central gas

• Central electricity

• High-speed glass elevator (from outside of the complex)

• Elevator (inside the building)

Pearl of Ureki has all the conditions for active holidays as well as for complete relaxation:

• sophisticated, ultra-modern hall;

• restaurant on the terrace;

• lounge-bar;

• hookah-bar;

• relaxation loft area on the roof;

• amazing view on the Seaside and mountains from all sides.

The apartment is under 24/7 security protection, as well as the full video-control functions, including the parking zone.

Bank credit and special conditions provided by KSB bank.


Railway station - 5 minutes drive;

Batumi Airport – 40 minutes drive;

Kutaisi Airport - 1:30 hour drive;

Local Disneyland “Tsitsinatela” - 15 minutes by car;

Bus stop and Ureki entertainment park - 800 meters away.

Ureki, due to its uniqueness, will never loose popularity in Europe and is considered as one of the most important rehabilitation resorts on the seaside.

Ureki is well known for its medical properties of magnetic sand beach, which is rich of quartz, magnetite, monazite, zircon and eleven other denominations of the natural minerals. Georgian and foreign scientists and researchers have confirmed, that Ureki beach has no alternative replacement in the world. Magnetite-rich sand features have plenty usage for the treatment of diseases, such as cardiovascular and circulatory, respiratory, musculoskeletal system, nervous system functional and inflammatory diseases of the joints. The warm climate of the Black Sea and pine woods increases the therapeutic qualities of Ureki. Their combination is indispensable to the environment, which is ideal for people of all ages.

"Pearl of Ureki” is not just an apartment, it’s an investment. It is an additional source of a seasonal income. You can spend as much time in your own apartment during the holiday season, as you want, while for the free period your apartment will become a source of additional income.

Strengthen your children, relax and feel happy with the Royal Group!

We build your future!


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