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In contemporary world it’s hard to find area with ecologically friendly environment. City and its inhabitants feel the lack of green and nature. It’s also hard to find a peaceful place for living in a city that is far from crowded roads. Noise in Tbilisi on drive times of a day overcomes the limit of internationally implemented standard by 3 to 5 decibels. The level of air pollution (which is originally reflected by car wastes) in the central urban of Tbilisi has overcome all the limits of the standards set by International Health Organizations.

According to researches done by ecologist, Bagebi is the first ecologically clean area in Tbilisi. It belongs to one of the most prestigious, central urban Vake and still has a clean ecosystem. Bagebi is surrounded by several recreational areas.

You always have a choice to have all city infrastructural features and live in ecologically friendly area by buying a flat in Bagebi.

Villa Bagebi is complete 7 floor dream house in, easily accessible and prestigious urban of Tbilisi. Building is situated near Bagebi New School. It covers 2 500 square meters. 1800 square meters are dedicated to recreational area and yard. Project contains perfect infrastructural mix of recreational park and playground for children.

Hard work of professional architects guarantees, that this building will be one of the modern designed safe buildings. Flats are bright, because of bay windows that have views on Tskneti and Tbilisi.

Bagebi is located on Tskneti highway 5-minute drive from Chavchavadze Avenue. It’s close to recreational areas like: Vake Park and Turtle Lake.

Landscaping of Bagebi area begun in 1980. Taking into consideration conformation of the urban, relief was strengthened by pine woods. Pine wood has a treatment features and it’s ideal for rehabilitation and healing heart and breathing system diseases.

Bagebi has perfectly developed infrastructure: electricity, gas, water and road, medical and educational institutions etc.

And You can get this comfort for very obtainable price!

We create your own paradise.

Let the peace prevail in Your life!

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